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Our updated link for the Druid has improved clearance for use with a wider range of aftermarket shock options.  While this link works with a wider range of shocks, there will still be some shock limitations.  The specific geometry and space constraints of the bike means that some larger coil shocks may not work (See compatibility page for shock fitment info).

 With our link, rear wheel travel is bumped up to 142mm to help when the trail gets rougher while progression is increased from 25% to 32%.  The increase in progression helps keep the bike composed and tracking straight through the small bumps while also helping to keep the bike from bottoming out when landing jumps or going through G-outs.  The link also gives the bike more mid-stroke support which gives you something more to push against when railing berms or on the lip of a jump.  Shock tunes and volume reducers may help you keep from bottoming out as often, but our link provides a change in kinematics that neither a shock tune or volume token can match.  If you thought your Druid was fun before, wait until you experience this. 


  • Fits Druid frames (2019-Present)
  • See compatibility page for shock fitment info (link below)
  • Increases progression to 32% from 25% with the stock link
  • Travel: 142mm (with stock 210x55mm shock)
  • Compatible with Ziggy link
  • Sealed Enduro MAX bearings
  • CNC'd in the USA from 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Colors: Black, Orange and Silver

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